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Why Choose JOMSHIP

Reasons that you should ship at JOMSHIP :

1) We only choose the quality courier service provider.
The courier services we resell limited to the reliable, reputable, and responsive service provider only.
You might have peace of minds when shipping with us.

2) Enhance your shipping experience.
When we want to ship, we might have some concerns, questions, but we might face difficulty to find the answer.
To ship with us, we provide personal assistance before you ship something, during shipping process, and after shipped with us.
Feel free to contact us at following channel :

kindly whatsapp to +6019.336 3320

Telegram : @JOMSHIP

4) Deliver to your door steps.
You can ship anything, to anywhere with at our service points. We provide multiple delivery options which suit your needs.

5) Multiple payment options.
We accept multiple type of payment options, you might choose your preferable method to make a purchase.