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To become JOMSHIP Service Points.

A lot of business owners ran the business for years, most of the business operators have the great physical retailing experience. The rapid growth of e-commerce globally remind us for the changed of business models. However, the technical knowledge, cost or time is needed for the business in order to surf with the e-commerce's wave.
    To become JOMSHIP's partner, you can surf with the e-commerce's wave easily. You can fully utilize your retail shop space, and at the same time to increase the traffic at your store, generate additional revenue by using the existing physical store.

We're here to assist you without interrupt your traditional business model.

Reasons that you should join us at JOMSHIP service points :

1) Boost your existing store traffic.
The traffic flow is important considerations for every retail store. With additional services, you might able attract more traffic to your store (s). With JOMSHIP, you are able to enjoy the benefit from our dual layer marketing. First layer is the marketing directly from the courier service provider ( or we call the principal ), and the next layer is from JOMSHIP. We promise to spend time and investment for your store through the targeting marketing campaign.

2) Increase your ROI.
Every square feet within your physical store worth some amount of money, and every minutes your store is under operation, you're spending. With JOMSHIP, you're able to increase your existing store's ROI and sales revenue. By utilizing your existing physical store, and existing human resources, you may able to generate more income by becoming JOMSHIP 's service point (s).

3) We only choose the quality courier service provider / principal

The courier services we resell limited to the reliable, reputable, and responsive service provider only.
You might have peace of minds when selling the courier solutions with us. We're very careful in choosing our courier service provider, and we will provide training to your staff. With JOMSHIP, you can resell our services with peace of mind.

4) Enhance your selling experience.
When sender want to ship, they might have some concerns, questions, but the reseller might face difficulty to find the answer.
To sell with us, and we will provide training to your staff. Different kind of courier service might suitable for different kind of senders. Thus, the information that we provided to senders is important. With our systematic and simple and clear guidelines, you can resell our services with peace of mind.

5) Limited and Selected Location to avoid overflow competition.
We're very careful in enrolling our service points, we promise to avoid the over flow competition for the same area or nearby area. We targeted to only have the quality and premium service points. Join us now before your area have been secured by others.

You can be JOMSHIP 's Operator in the following models :

JOMSHIP at your store :
If you owned a existing business, you can have JOMSHIP kiosk or counter by using your existing resources, spaces, man power and etc to add on ROI for your existing business. This model is solely designed for the operators who have existing business in operation.

Preferable nature of business : Stationery Shop, Photostat shop, Computer or mobile phone shop, electrical shop, pharmacy, optical shop, convenient store, cafe, fashion or apparel store, petrol station.

If you run the business other than this type, you're welcome to send in your enquiry to us, and our management will be happy to open for discussion.

JOMSHIP Premium Store :
If you owned a existing business, and you've additional space or you'd like to down size your existing business to  small shop, you may utilize the additional space to run the JOMSHIP's operator business. The requirement is to have separate entrance, separate signage from your existing store.

JOMSHIP Flagship Store :
If you did not own any existing business yet, but would like to own your own business, JOMSHIP flagship store is a business model that you may consider. The different with JOMSHIP Premium Store,  JOMSHIP Flagship Store sell some featured products that able to help you generate more revenue instead of a pure courier services business.

If you 've some questions before decide to join as JOMSHIP's operator, we've prepared a list of frequently ask questions to clear your doubts.


If you're ready to move on now, refer the following for the next steps.

Step 1 :
Kindly fill up the assessment form now, our marketing team will contact you as soon as possible. Click Here for the assessment form.

Step 2 :
If our marketing team evaluate that you might be a suitable candiate as the JOMSHIP's operator, you might be reach through email for the invitation for further discussion. If you did not receive any response within 30 days upon submission of assessment form, this indicate that your application is not sucessfull at the moment.

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